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The Community Spectrum is an Internet destination designed to bring communities together through streaming media of community events.

The Community Spectrum keeps people like you connected to what’s going on in your community, whether it’s to relive an event you attended or enjoy and view an event that you missed.

The “Community Spectrum” is an extension of ”The Public Spectrum” is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to focus on activities that are important to communities. Some of the stories may not always be covered or gain exposure by news outlets but never the less can be critical to communities like yours. Our stories are socially friendly and can be posted to Face Book, Twitter, mobile devices and other social applications as well as easily emailed or linked/embedded to various related websites.

Our History

The Community Spectrum was born in the Imperial Valley in 2006 as IVNewsday.com. IVNewsdays original vision was to present the Imperial Valley to the world utilizing broadband video online. Today our mission has evolved to include other areas and to continue to provide positive video stories online and through mobile devices. As the past 14 years have shown, we strive to be positive, factual and objective.